Special Deliveries – Newborn Baby Gifts with a personal touch

When someone we love has a baby, we automatically love the new baby too! It’s great how love multiplies and how our circle of family and friends grow – as our family and friends have children. A baby is a blessing and to welcome them into the world it is great to send a gift which arrives ASAP, ideally when Mum is still in hospital. Especially important is that the gift is special and thoughtful. New parents need all sorts of practical items when a little one comes into the world, but it’s really hard to know what they’ve got and what they don’t have.

Speaking to new Mums, here are a few basics that they can not get enough of: Muslin wraps – quality organic cotton wraps to be used not only at bedtime, but all through the day. These come in handy for swaddling, shading, drying, wiping and lying on! So, a good quality durable wrap is always a popular choice. Nappies! Of course….with 6 or 8 changes a day, we can never get enough. Nappy Cakes are a great way of making nappies into a colourful and beautiful gift. These also include other handy basics like wraps, socks and bibs.

Rattles – We know the new little one will want to explore new textures and sounds. So a soft and squeaky hand toy like the super hero here, (also available as Red Riding Hood) is a great way to distract and entertain while adding some Alimrose colour to the nursery. Something soft and cuddly! Last but not least a soft, baby-safe cuddly to make bedtime more bearable (good pun there).

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Felt Friends!

“Hello! Our names are Molly and William. We love Easter! We also love eating chocolate eggs with our friends and playing hopscotch. Although sometimes it’s a bit hard with our little felt feet.”

If you have a friend with a crafty flair, they will love making Molly and William for themselves! Great for kids although there are sharp needles included in the set, so supervision is necessary. There is also a Penguin Family just click here for Easter Gifts to see them online along with all the delicious Easter Chocolate Gifts now available. Yay for cute stuff! Some things make you happy just looking at them and we think this little mice couple will be sure to make you smile.


Did someone say free wine?! Yep, we did!

Artillery Place is an independently owned and operated Mclaren Vale winery. Made from family owned vineyards, the grapes are hand tended, hand harvested and gently crushed, before being basket pressed and matured is seasoned French oak. This bottle is intended to be drunk with meals and mates, either “under fire in the field, or at ease in the Officer’s mess.”

Choose from our Gift Hamper range and add this big, beautiful Mclaren Vale shiraz to your gift, free of charge.

While stocks last, a bottle of Artillery Grapeshot Shiraz will be added to your order over $80.00*. All you need to do for the wine to be added to your recipient’s gift is add the promo code ‘WINE’ to the delivery instructions field when entering the delivery address details.

*Excluding delivery charge

Now that deserves a cheers!


Today’s happy thought for our happy Simply Gifts friends


Look up at the SKY
See that Aeroplane?
You are that aeroplane.
A wonderful Aeroplane of Happiness,
leaving behind you a RADIANT trail of JOY

Aahh Edward Monkton…You are just what we all need..the right combination of humor, silliness and beautiful thoughts. Simply Gifts are sending this adorable notebook with every new gift order from now until stocks last. Simply add the promo code NOTEBOOK to the delivery instructions field on the delivery details page when placing your gift order and one of your favourites will get this beautiful thought to enjoy. Pocket size it is a handy jotter which will be a constant reminder that they are an aeroplane of happiness, leaving behind it a radiant trail of joy. What a beautiful thought.

Have you got someone on your mind today?

Is it their birthday soon, or are they going through a difficult time? Maybe things are hard at work, or possibly they haven’t been well. Maybe they are just really stressed and busy. Often those are the people who spend all their free time looking after everyone else rather than themselves. A thoughtful gift, small or large, to say that they are in your thoughts goes a long way to helping boost morale. So if you are sending a gift today Simply Gifts can help with FREE DELIVERY. Offer available from 3pm Tuesday the 19th of February until 3pm AEST Thursday the 21st of February. Don’t forget to sign in to get the offer – as this is exclusive to members only.

Not only that…But when you are signed in you also get a special members price, so there are big savings when ordering today – below are some ideas to get you started…

Ok – over and out from us. Have a great day! Enjoy it. Every day is a gift 🙂

PS don’t forget to check in this Friday for our most delicious range of Easter gifts ever!

Max Brenner Chocolate and Fondue Set

Max Brenner Chocolate and Fondue Set

Mr. Fox - Woodland Friend

Mr. Fox – Woodland Friend

70's Style Beer & Nibbles Box

70’s Style Beer & Nibbles Box

Plumm Stemless Glass Set (8)

Plumm Stemless Glass Set (8)

Valentine’s Day – The missed opportunity

Most people don’t plan a Valentine’s Day gift for their special someone until just before the day itself. Much of the time when we are settled into a long term comfortable relationship we become a little complacent and decide that they won’t mind if we don’t make a fuss of them this time and we just wish them a Happy Valentine’s Day in the morning before they go off to work. Valentine’s Day is, after all, not like their birthday, or Christmas, when we really are expected to get something. I have to say I have been guilty of that too – because men particularly don’t hint or even expect anything for Valentine’s Day. Many men have never received a gift on the 14th of February. They may have completely forgotten about it themselves – until of course the day itself. It’s a missed opportunity. There aren’t many chances to truly surprise them – and a gift on Valentine’s Day is a golden opportunity to pull a rabbit out of the hat. Particularly if it isn’t a day that you have traditionally recognised as a couple. Here’s a few fun and thoughtful ideas for this Valentine’s Day, especially for the fabulous, unsuspecting Man in your life:


Don’t forget Simply Gifts are giving away a delicious and adorable Bulldog cookie with every order. Not only are the gifts great but the gift wrapping is gorgeous. Gifts will be delivered to their workplace on Thursday February the 14th – Valentine’s Day! We hope you are spoilt on this Valentine’s Day too – and we hope you Enjoy it!

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