Valentine’s Day – The missed opportunity

Most people don’t plan a Valentine’s Day gift for their special someone until just before the day itself. Much of the time when we are settled into a long term comfortable relationship we become a little complacent and decide that they won’t mind if we don’t make a fuss of them this time and we just wish them a Happy Valentine’s Day in the morning before they go off to work. Valentine’s Day is, after all, not like their birthday, or Christmas, when we really are expected to get something. I have to say I have been guilty of that too – because men particularly don’t hint or even expect anything for Valentine’s Day. Many men have never received a gift on the 14th of February. They may have completely forgotten about it themselves – until of course the day itself. It’s a missed opportunity. There aren’t many chances to truly surprise them – and a gift on Valentine’s Day is a golden opportunity to pull a rabbit out of the hat. Particularly if it isn’t a day that you have traditionally recognised as a couple. Here’s a few fun and thoughtful ideas for this Valentine’s Day, especially for the fabulous, unsuspecting Man in your life:


Don’t forget Simply Gifts are giving away a delicious and adorable Bulldog cookie with every order. Not only are the gifts great but the gift wrapping is gorgeous. Gifts will be delivered to their workplace on Thursday February the 14th – Valentine’s Day! We hope you are spoilt on this Valentine’s Day too – and we hope you Enjoy it!

Anna & The Team@Simply Gifts


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